The Beginning

In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. 

This couldn't be more true in this moment. So let's begin, shall we? My name is Liz and I'm a Real Estate agent in the Philadelphia Metro Area, my husband's name is Mike (he is also a Real Estate agent), and I am starting this "blog" to challenge myself to step out of the box. I'm an introvert and homebody at heart, so this is going to be pushing my limits to break into a new social habits - which is exactly what I am striving for. This is a space for me to be completely open and transparent about a lot of things, firstly Real Estate (obviously!), home decor, food, and maybe some other topics sprinkled in...who doesn't love sprinkles anyway. 

I get this question a lot from family and friends: why are you both Realtors? Well, we both came from corporate backgrounds and the burnout happened REAL fast. If there was a timeframe to take a risk, it was then (about 3 years ago). So we made the jump and have continued to hustle our way through, meeting flat out phenomenal people along the way. Are there ups and downs? Simply put, absolutely. I like to joke saying, "get ready to hop on the rollercoaster of emotion today!", but Mike, thankfully, balances me out pretty well and keeps me off the edge most times. We are millennials and are both independent contractors - it's stressful! We don't have a substantial sphere of influence, so we are basically asking complete strangers to trust us with the biggest financial decision of their lives, no big deal. Like I mentioned earlier, we have had the pleasure of meeting some pretty amazing clients that have turned into friends. We've also met people that make us want to run away and be nomads in the mid-west. The good always outweighs the bad though. 

I look forward to holding myself accountable to be more vulnerable in this blogging/vlogging/facebook live-ing world, all while bringing a fresh spin to Real Estate. Thanks for joining me on my journey ✌